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Homemade Meal in Johnstown, NY | Railside Cafe

Serving Homemade Breakfast and Lunch in Johnstown, NY

Homemade Meal in Johnstown, NY | Railside Cafe
Homemade Meal in Johnstown, NY | Railside Cafe

Serving Homemade Breakfast and Lunch in Johnstown, NY

Homemade Meal in Johnstown, NY | Railside Cafe

Enjoy a Homemade Meal

Family-owned and operated, Railside Cafe serves fresh homemade meals, baked goods, and soups to the community in Johnstown, NY. Beyond the regular breakfast and lunch menus, we offer daily specials that will not disappoint. You can find today’s specials on our Facebook. We can’t wait to see you!

Our Menu

What are you in the mood for today? The choice is yours!
Breakfast in Johnstown, NY

Breakfast Menu (Served All Day)


Made with three eggs and served with toast.

  • Cheese
  • Bacon, ham, or sausage and cheese
  • Western (ham, green peppers, and onions)
  • Spanish (tomatoes, green peppers, and onions)
  • Add onions, green peppers, tomatoes, cheese, or home fries
  • Add extra bacon, ham, or sausage


Buttermilk or buckwheat pancakes served with butter and syrup. Choose from blueberries, bananas, walnuts, chocolate chips, raspberries, or strawberries for an additional cost. Additional pancakes and gluten-free pancakes are available at an additional cost.

French Toast

Made with our homemade egg bread and served with butter and syrup.

Egg Specials

  • 2 eggs and toast
  • 2 eggs, home fries, and toast
  • 2 eggs with bacon, ham, or sausage
  • 2 eggs with bacon, ham, or sausage with home fries, and toast

Egg Sandwiches

Served on a grilled hard roll.

  • Egg and cheese
  • Sausage Sandwich
  • Eastern (egg and ham)
  • Western (egg, ham, and onion)
  • Egg and cheese with ham, bacon, or sausage


  • Assorted cold cereal with milk
  • Hot oatmeal with brown sugar and milk
  • Add raisins, walnuts, or bananas at an additional cost


  • Side of bacon, ham, or sausage
  • Homemade English muffin
  • White, rye, whole wheat, or cinnamon raisin toast
  • Side of home fries
  • Hard roll, bagel, or gluten-free toast
  • Local maple syrup (2 oz)
  • Salsa or cream cheese

Daily Specials

Of course, the specials change daily but some of the most popular specials are:

  • Homemade corned beef hash with eggs and toast
  • Homemade buckwheat pancakes
  • Roast pork dinner with homemade dressing, potato, and applesauce
  • Baked macaroni and cheese
  • Chicken and biscuits with potato and cranberry sauce
  • Stuffed pepper dinner
  • Homemade lasagna with homemade noodles and Italian bread from Al’s
  • Meatloaf dinner
  • Scalloped potato and ham dinner
Lunch in Johnstown, NY

Lunch Menu (Served Wednesday through Friday)



  • Tossed salad
  • Grilled Chicken salad
  • Chef salad with crisp lettuce, tomato, onion, black olives, cukes, cheese, hard boiled egg, turkey, and ham with choice of dressing

Grilled Sandwiches

  • Grilled cheese
  • Grilled cheese with tuna, bacon, or ham
  • Reuben (corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and russian dressing on rye
  • Patty melt (6 oz hamburger and swiss cheese on rye)

Cold Sandwiches

Served on white, rye, or whole wheat with lettuce and mayo.

  • Tuna (white albacore)
  • BLT on toast
  • Turkey BLT
  • Roast turkey breast
  • Egg salad
  • Ham

Burgers and More

  • 6 oz hamburger or cheeseburger on grilled hard roll
  • Chicken tenders with dipping sauce
  • Two hot dogs with meat sauce, mustard, and onion

Sides and Extras

  • Fresh cut fries
  • Onion rings
  • Assorted sides (ask about our daily selection)
  • Extra side of dressing or dipping sauce
    Choose from ranch, Italian, French, Russian, balsamic vinaigrette, blue cheese, honey mustard, barbecue, or sweet chili sauce.
Lunch in Johnstown, NY

Drink Menu

  • Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soda, or bottled water
  • Milk, chocolate milk, or unsweetened iced tea with lemon
  • Juice (orange, cranberry, tomato, or apple)
Don’t forget to ask about our homemade desserts!

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